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Chile's origin - the Mapuche traditional folk song set (2001)


on the last time I said Wan Jiepian the Latin American folk music show, because nowadays the hands of the Argentine folk music very much, Featured want to part of it is not very easy, so in the meantime I intend to introduce several exciting Latin American traditional music album, and so all I then after finishing a final meeting on it.

today, this album is a pure Mapuche traditional folk song set. Mapuche (Mapuche) is currently Chile's largest indigenous community, is South America's oldest indigenous peoples of Indiana, as early as more than 10,000 years ago, they have been living on this continent, was due in the 16th century Spaniards and Chileans were forced to reduce violations and relocation of their place of residence, but the Mapuche people still survive a strong and successful resistance from Wai Zuren the rule of 300 years. Today their descendants live mostly in central and southern Argentina and Chile in rural areas, more than 100 million people, they not only retained under this nation's traditional language, culture, ancient religion and customs, also inherited the ancestors waged an unyielding struggle Spirit, often suffered by the indigenous Indian unfair treatment and took to the streets to protest procession, and even Microsoft Ganxiang such large companies

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Quack emergency


in the bookstore was almost asleep, so easily found the book, pick the head of the Ma Jiahui fans Danmei series of small books (quack emergency,crush silent), the Internet also subscribe to hisblog, Are related to the film, read this "quack emergency"also like to see his blog, every space not long, but some paragraphs can cause sensors. In bookstores, saw most of the likes of Zhaichao below.

continuous film of men are no longer a pheasant or fly, they named, and even the band name and address of each other. Hong Kong men in the movie had never been so full of respect, do a man's name is actually a very good feeling. (Shirt aesthetic P35)

by popular Hong Kong films in recent years occurred in the story of the night to do a theme, this city stands like a high-speed pressure cooker, no longer Rong Buxia long slow infiltration. Martial arts films in the three Shaoye spent eight or 10 years Lianjian revenge, I recall almost equivalent to the eternal; film's hero Mark Colombian brothers waited three years in jail, time-driven circulation to the annual monthly basis. To the Modern, on the date of the Spring and Autumn has become distant, it is read in mind, the only overnight Fenmiao, such as chicken soup concentrated time, Tunjin stomach, the spirit of Kangfen, San Chang did not consciously go relatively even pace also Dai Jin . (Wait for a shot P50)

Mong Kok Road, a lot of interesting people, Shanghai Street, Shantung Street, Sai Yee Street, Portland Street

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Frank Scheffer documentary DVD issue!

by:Yan Jun

in the early morning of May 2, Mini Midi temporary Frank Scheffer on the screening of the film Yuehankaiqi now

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"Sweet nightmare"- an ideology of self-awakening of the colonists in mind


"One of
the most original and poetic works of cinema made
anywhere. "
--- Werner Herzog

"Makes one
forget months of dreary movie-going, for it reminds one that
invention, enchantment, even innocence, are still available to
film. "
--- Susan Sontag

if not on the cover of this Yinzhuohesuo Sontag and two who generously for the kind words, I might never Southeast Asia will know that there are such a good movie, but the fact is I am glad that I can see this film, it goes far beyond most people's impression of the film to the Philippines, experts vision is sharp. :-)

the beginning of the "sweet nightmare"may make you feel very amateur film, the original, as if the film lovers with a simple Since the equipment up by tours goods, but in fact this is its advantages lie. This is a director I experienced on a semi-autobiographical film about a Filipino living in remote villages in young people (directed by Kidlat
Tahimik personally played and also the same name), Taxi Mi is the minibus driver, a day soliciting money to go to the city of Manila, he to the United States are very interested in anything, be it film, music, or his dream Valentine's
Miss America, he will listen to the radio every day is the "Voice of the United States", particularly for the old U.S. space program, fascinated, special worship from the defection of the East German rocket scientist Werner
Braun, also a village group WVB fans Association, to recruit members to do some local children, and through land sales for the Ice Bar of the Philippines Miss Universe fund-raising activities.

beggars can not think like this guy is actually directed Tahimik. . . :-O

Taxi Mi gradual degradation in that village, unable to keep up with the pace of the times, the villagers backward way of life so that he felt sad And even despise from heart grow up with a friend, because he is now Zhuwu craftsman, although construction Filipino Zhu Wu is the traditional skills, but is now not many people willing to learn, and the Taxi Mi want is more spacious and bright Buildings, to lead a more modern "of international life."One day on the road he met an American businessman, businessmen are required of a private driver, and therefore Taxi Mi came to Paris with him. Initially living in Paris, he was so fresh it, but as his only friend, a Paris street vendors because of the small nearby supermarket industry by bullying and persecution can not be the ultimate suicide operation, the start of this money Taxi Mi supremacy Capitalist society had a doubt, why the world needs is the first supermarket » Why numerous old buildings were pushed to the top after the luxurious villa built more » He tried to use against its own way, but soon realized useless, and timely awakening from a dream, to return home.

videos focus on the capital demonstrated the rich countries in the Third World poor countries in the field of culture of aggression is still the existence of the phenomenon, is the director Courage can be a model for their analysis, even Ah Q and self-irony, and his thinking and experience is exactly contemporary all Filipinos to face a real problem, how the foreign culture under the strong expansion To see self-and guardian of the most precious living essence of traditional culture, obviously Taxi Mi tried to use a fable-like story to make people reflect on their inner thoughts true. Tablets in Paris to see him all he wants is precisely the expression, the capital of the mutual annexation of the cold-blooded and merciless, the developed countries do not like them, as advocated by the beautiful, despite being artificially Guoshang the sweet Jacket, but when you really experience the depth to which, it gives you it is the nightmare.

how to prevent their being misled by the phenomenon of surface » This is a Third World country people should think about the issue. Tablets of the American businessmen 3.10, although on the surface of said he did not support its own foreign cultural policy, is able to accept the folk culture of other countries, because they do not want to put up with the local people and livestock and livestock Gongcheng a car and choose After sitting in the baggage car shelves, attracted a burst of Hong Xiao, this humorous scenes imply that the pretentious white capitalists are hypocritical. Taxi Mi with the U.S. and throw away the old jeep renovated to become a new tool for their own profit, the director here is people want to criticize the foreign accept the so-called "resources"but in reality is the dregs of things calm attitude is in fact For the further expansion of cultural colonialism provided the conditions.

has a unique culture as a vanguard elements of the film, the film folk scene of a large number of ecological and folk songs have been very attractive , Including many Southeast Asian traditional ritual and festive scene of the camera, and even some adults at the scene of the true, simple and direct the filming techniques added a more realistic images, film and fiction mixed record in two forms, very often you The documentary is to see the scene, but the figure is the voice-over dialogue or inner monologue of the actor, despite the separation of this picture is used by film pioneer the performance of one of the practices, but also seems to imply that the movie player with the then popular "Internationalist world view "between the reaction force and exclusive.

"sweet nightmare", 1977, 93 minutes, color, for the director: Kidlat
Tahimik. Berlin International Film Festival in New Film Forum FIPRESCI Award, International Award and the OCIC special prize. Philippines shadow history of one of the 13 best films. MY
RATING 5+(Third World independent film masterpiece)

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wrote the paper a few years, numerous species have thought about at the last moment of celebration, at the end can be really, is very calm. In accordance with the procedures followed by waiting for a reply. I do not know how other schools, we here this process is very cumbersome. In France to write a doctoral thesis is too difficult. Constant revision and extension of a marathon unimaginable. Yi Yeqing not write papers, can not be months. Get that a few months, it is impossible. Papers on window reincarnation of the season in the early hours of repeated and calculation. For example, summer and winter, morning Niaojiao voice is not the same. The final period, as the newly published books and related research results, several papers on the main part of perspective adjustment, which is equivalent to rewrite. You will find that over the past demerits of the notes and Zhai Chao, never has been on the. As the French Defense of the cumbersome procedures, the outcome had to hurry, there is always regrettable, there are two pre-written analysis of the complete paragraphs (about 30) I was rounded down to the final, final draft of the paper is A4 paper into print 430 , Equivalent to 300,000 characters, and in order to prepare the draft and entered into the computer, information has more than 1,000 pages, 1,000 of the citation, involving more than 200 of the book, no one is Chinese. But in France or the doctoral thesis of medium-sized.д

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Xi'an MOONKEY special bar


Xi'anspecial performance time: 2008 6

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AUESS the 2000-2008 year for best film 2


translation: Penpusher

Name: Gratte-Papier

Director: Guillaume Martinez

Screenwriter: Guillaume Martinez

Location: Valentin Caron

Clips: Alexis Trosset

Music: Hubert Giraud

Starring: Benjamin Bellecour+Gaelle Brunet

Age: 2006

White: None

Color: Color

Length: 8 mins

countries: France

Products: Babelone Drone

Subtitles: English+French+Spanish

Official website:
http ://

French romantic model, if any would like to personally practice, Oh, but the opportunity is Buhao Zhao. :-)

Berlin International Film Festival Silver Bear Best Short Film.

The European Independent Film Festival audience award selection.

Nantes, France in particular film festival awards.


download address (85 mb avi rar):


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